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Fall Crops - When and What to Plant


  • Planting 11 Crops on July 24, Salt Lake City, Utah
    Many have asked when to plant crops for fall harvest, and what can be planted. Obviously, it depends somewhat on where you live, but you may be surprised at how similar most growing situations are.Find your average first frost date, and then count backwards, comparing maturity times for the crops...
  • Recommendations for Fall Planting
    Fall Planting – Fall Crops & Winter Storage Sadly, too many of us are tired of our gardens by fall, often because weeds have taken over, or because we planted the wrong things and we can’t even get rid of them. I suggest we take another look at it, because gardening in the fall can be very...
  • Want a Better Garden Next Year? Plant In The Fall!
    Have you been disappointed with your garden this year? Or perhaps it was great and you can't wait to do it again. Whichever scenario fits your garden, you may be thinking of how next year’s garden is going to be SO MUCH BETTER! One way to help improve next year’s garden is to plant some of...