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  • Growing Squash - Problems
    Q. This is the second year I've planted squash in my garden. Last year we did nothing special to the soil, and the plants died. Just the squash. This year we added potting soil and hummus to the soil and they are already starting to die. They have only been in the ground for a week. They are...
  • Instructions for growing squash
    Q. Would you recommend planting butternut squash in the grow boxes? Any special instructions? A. You certainly CAN grow butternut, and all other squashes, in Grow-Boxes! Whether you're growing in containers or in the soil the instructions are the same: Any vining squash should be grown...
  • Pruning Squash - Vining and/or Determinate?
    Q. In Mittleider's books, he mentions pruning *some* squash. I suspectthat the pruning of those vine-type squash would be like thecucumbers???However, what about a non-vine squash? Is it okay to prune off someof the leaves? We have some growing quite nicely, out in the rows,and we would like to...
  • Squash not Producing Fruit - Why and What Can Be Done?
    Q. My acorn-type squash is dying...specifically, the blossoms are falling offand/or if they do start putting on the fruit, after it gets about one inchin diameter, the blossom end rots, and the fruit falls off.Otherwise, there is no indication that the plant is suffering. It is growing quite...
  • Zucchini Blossoms Disappearing
    Q. The zucchini flowers disappear from the vine. Is it insects or animals? A. Squash blossoms are edible, and in some societies even highly favored. I'm told that in Japan people even buy them. So if you have folks living nearby who enjoy squash blossoms they may be on your neighbor's dinner...