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Soil Preparation


  • Creating the 18"-wide Level, Ridged Raised Soil-Bed
    A new Mittleider gardener expressed the following - "Here's what I learned after putting in my 1st Mittleider row. "Start leveling from the center of each row and then work to each end. I think this would have saved some time because my rows dip down in the center." I'd like to pass along the...
  • Fall or Spring or Both - or Neither?
    Q. When should I prepare the soil in my garden? What about tilling in the Fall versus the Spring? And I've even heard you shouldn't till at all because it makes the soil too fine and hurts the beneficial soil organisms. Also, should I "let the soil rest" before planting? I've heard this is...
  • How Do I Best Prepare a New Garden Plot To Eliminate Weeds
    Q. "If one were to begin anew - from a previously untilled field covered in an assortment of vegatation: Grasses, broadleaf weads, etc; What is the best course of attack? Kill everything that grown with a short-term herbicide like round-up, then till and proceed from there; A. THE HERBICIDES WILL...
  • Pine Needles in the Garden
    Q. What do pine needles do? We have many pine trees and an over abundance of pine needles. They make nice coverings for the ground and keep in moisture (In Alabama that is important.), but do they make chemical changes in the soil?A. Pine needles are good for your garden! They are best if you...
  • Sandy Soil - Maintaining Ridges
    Q. Sandy soil is difficult to keep ridged. The ridges melt away in heavy rains that we have here. What can I do to improve the soil, so it will hold up, and how can I build the ridges strong enough that they hold up? A. Gardening in sandy soil has its challenges, but they are not difficult to...
  • To Add or Not to Add - Compost
    Q. I've been told to add lots of compost to my soil in the fall. Is this important - or even a good idea? A. My raised beds, which we like to call Grow-Beds, or Soil-Beds, do not have any added compost. We teach and demonstrate that you can have a great garden in any soil with no soil...
  • Using Soil - or using a Soil-less Medium - What's Best?
    Q. From some things I've read it sounds as if you advocate using a soil-less growing medium, like in hydroponics. Is that correct? And if so why? A. If a person chooses to grow in containers - which we like to do in certain situations, such as where people have no soil, or very little space,...