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  • Weeding Later in the Season a Problem with Close Planting?
    Q. At some point, at least with some crops - vines not growing vertically come immediately to mind - you have to stop weeding, because your close-planted plants are going to take over the pathways. Winter squash and pumpkins especially will overgrow an entire planting area. And while you may be...
  • Weeding onHands and Knees? NEVER!!
    Q. As I look at the 18" wide beds with their side ridges it seems to me that this is an entirely hands and knees gardening project - in order to work within the little ridges and maintain them - you have to be down on all fours with a one hand three tine cultivator - weeds it would seem have to be...
  • What about weed control?
    After feeding and watering, weed control is the most important element in creating a successful garden. Weeds are plants out of place and should be eliminated. Herbicides should not and need not be used for weed control. The secret to a weed-free garden is to sprout the surface weed seeds and kill...